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Solid Side Vinyl first appeared on the airwaves in October of 2008. Originally hosted by Kevin and John, capsule the show embraces the materiality of sound every Thursday night, tadalafil
9-11pm (Sept-June). We aim to play, order note for note, the strange songs of the long 20th century—self-help missives, acid, soul, funk, gospel, punk, country, rock, ska, prog, hippie-psych, indie ironic, garage, and over-produced songs in the 1980s from otherwise austere and sincere artists.

Kevin has been on a record buying sabbatical since 2010 and we await his return here at SSV. When will Kevin return? What will he bring with him? Who will he be after his journey? Who am I? What is time? Who do you love? These are the questions that keep us up at night.

Solid Side Vinyl begins its fourth season on the air with the addition of Jeremy (aka DJ Spindorf). Armed with crates of vinyl, Jeremy is a conoisseur of  the deep cut, circa 1971-78.

Whether you find yourself outside or indoors, check out our back catalogue in the Archive.


John and Kevin


John and Jeremy